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Use of Logo and Marks

1. Purpose
The purpose of this process is to ensure proper use of certificate and certification mark by certified clients.
2. Scope
The use of all certificates issued and certification marks provided by ZQAPL-MSCD001

3. Responsibility
Certified clients shall comply with the directives provided in this document.
ZQAPL-MSCD001 auditors are responsible for verifying, at each visit, that certified clients use certificates and certification marks as per the directives provided in this document

4. Process
4.1. Use of ZQAPL-MSCD001 certificates and certification marks
4.1.1 ZQAPL-MSCD001 will provide a client, whose management system has been certified by ZQAPL-MSCD001, the relevant ZQAPL-MSCD001 Certification Mark(s). The artwork of the appropriate Certification Mark will be provided in JPG and/or Corel file formats.
4.1.2 Certified clients have the right to utilize the Certification Mark, in accordance with the guidelines and directives provided in this document, on letterhead, certain packaging and brochures and for publicity activities relating to such management system.
4.1.3 When permitted, this mark can be used in conjunction with the relevant accreditation mark (see Section 4.3 below for details).
4.1.4 If the scope of certification does not include all products and/or services provided by the organization, and/or all locations/facilities of the organization, the material bearing the mark shall not suggest that all products/services/sites/locations of the organization are covered by the scope of certification.
4.1.5 The mark cannot be altered or modified. However, it may be resized, provided the proportions of the entire mark are maintained without distortion of its dimensions and all features of the mark are clearly distinguishable.
4.1.6 The mark shall be reproduced:
- In single colour - Pantone Black
- In colour - Colour values in RGB model (Red - 200:40:40 Grey - 145:145:145)
                        Colour values in CMYK model (Red - 10:96:90:0 Grey - 35:39:20:1)
4.1.7 The mark cannot be displayed on buildings, flags and vehicles.
4.1.8 The mark cannot be displayed on buildings, flags and vehicles.
4.1.9 The client shall not use the certificate and/or the Certification Mark(s) provided by ZQAPL-MSCD001 in such a manner that would bring ZQAPL-MSCD001, and/or the Accreditation Body, and/or the certification system into disrepute and lose public trust.
4.1.10 Under no conditions shall the mark be affixed to a product or used in any way that might suggest product certification. The mark applies only to management system certification.
4.1.11 Zenith does not permit its marks to be applied by certified clients to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates
4.1.12 An organization may photocopy or scan their current Certificate of Registration for publicity purposes and as evidence of their certification. Photocopies or electronic copies may be in full color, and do not need to be watermarked or otherwise marked as being a copy of the original.
4.1.13 The right to use the certification mark by the organization cannot be assigned to or acquired by any other person, entity, or corporation (including through a change of ownership of the organization) without ZQAPL-MSCD001's prior written consent.
4.1.14 Upon a reduction of the scope of certification, the client shall amend all advertising material referring to its certification to properly reflect the reduced scope.
4.1.15 Upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification, the client shall discontinue its use of all advertising material that contains a reference to certification, as directed by ZQAPL-MSCD001.
4.1.16 Misuse: Misuse of the certification mark or Certificate of Registration by the client may result in suspension or withdrawal of the certification by ZQAPL-MSCD001. ZQAPL-MSCD001's considerations with respect to suspension or withdrawal will be as follows: Inadvertent misuse: with this activity, the organization will be required to immediately withdraw the non-conforming materials, or else ZQAPL-MSCD001 will suspend certification until the misuse is rectified. Repeated inadvertent misuse will not be tolerated by ZQAPL-MSCD001 and therefore will be cause for withdrawal of certification. Fraud: with an activity considered premeditated on the part of the organization, ZQAPL-MSCD001 will withdraw certification and publish notices to that effect in the directory of certified companies.

4.2. Guidance table for proper use of certification marks *3
                                                         On Product                On Packaging           On Letterheads etc
Without a Statement             Not allowed                 Not allowed             Allowed
With a Statement *4              Not allowed                 Allowed                     Allowed
Note 1. This could be a tangible product itself or product in an individual package, container, etc. 
Note 2. This could be over-packaging made of cardboard etc. that can be reasonably considered as not reaching the end user.
Note 3. This applies to marks that have a specific form including some basic description of its applicability. A statement in words alone does not constitute a mark in this sense. Any such wording should be true and not mislead.
Note 4. This could be a clear statement that "(This product) was manufactured in a plant whose Management System is certified as being in conformity with (standard to be identified, e.g. ISO 9001)."
Note 5. 

4.3. Additional information

4.3.1 If you have any questions as to whether your proposed use of the certification marks on an advertisement, brochure or other promotional material is in compliance with these guidelines, please send a sample to ZQAPL-MSCD001 for review. You can send email at
4.3.2 For the use of the certification mark on electronic documentation (i.e. websites), the same rules as stated in these guidelines apply.
4.3.3 The rules mentioned above under 4.1 and 4.2 are applicable for Accreditation marks as well except for the color combinations which will vary for each Accreditation Body and will be provided along with the Certificate.
4.3.4 Certain accreditation marks are to be used in conjunction with IAF mark, as applicable for which separate instructions will be provided along with the Certificate.
4.3.5 The use of accreditation mark is subjected to the permission provided by the accreditation body and shall not be used without permission under any circumstances, whatsoever.
4.3.6 Accreditation mark shall not be used in isolation and shall always be used in conjunction with ZQAPL-MSCD001 certification mark.