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Manangement Principles

" Impartiality

ZQAPL shall remain impartial for providing Audit and Certification Services in a way that the decisions shall not be influenced by other interests or by other parties. 

" Competence 

ZQAPL shall ensure the competence of its personnel and demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge and skills, while providing Audit and Certification Services. 

" Responsibility 

ZQAPL shall remain responsible for its decisions, while providing Audit and Certification Services. 

" Openness 

ZQAPL shall provide public access to, or disclosure of, appropriate and timely information about its Audit and Certification Services. 

" Confidentiality 

ZQAPL shall abide by confidentiality requirements to any proprietary information gathered about a client while providing Audit and Certification Services. 

" Responsiveness to Complaints 

ZQAPL shall ensure fair and transparent handling and effective response to complainants for all the complaints related to Audit and Certification Services. 

" Risk Based Approach 

ZQAPL shall ensure continuous risk assessment, to take into account risks associated with providing competent, consistent and impartial certification. 

" ZQAPL shall always ensure an appropriate balance between the principles of openness and confidentiality, including responsiveness to complaints, in order to demonstrate integrity and credibility to all users of our services. 

" ZQAPL shall always be committed to continually maintain highest standard of business ethics and professional integrity in all its activities across the organization.

As Top Management Team of ZQAPL, we declare our total commitment and support to abide by ZQAPL Management Principles. 


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